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On Saturday 14th June, Jamie will be performing the Bass solos in Mozart’s Requiem with the North Norfolk Chorale.

Musical Director

Rosemary Kimmins

The Soloists 

Jayne May-Sysum  – Soprano
Freya Jacklin – Alto.
Daniel Bartlette – Tenor.
Jamie Wright – Bass


Mozart’s Requiem K626

The Requiem Mass in D Minor (K 626) by Mozart was composed in Vienna in 1791, during the last year of his life. The requiem was Mozart’s final composition and is one of his most popular and respected works. The issue of how much of the work Mozart completed before his death and how much was completed by Franz Xaver Sussmayr is still open to question.

Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture (Opus 26)

Henry Macey will conduct the guest orchestra for this piece. Composed in 1830 and better known as Fingal’s Cave, following the composer’s visit to the Hebridean island of Staffa.

Mozart’s Ave Verum.

Another work composed in the last year of Mozart’s life. Forty six bars and three minutes of pure joy.

Haydn’s Insanae et Vanae Curae

This piece is a part of IL RITORNO DI TOBIA (The Return of Tobias), an oratorio composed by Haydn in 1775. It is overshadowed by Haydn’s more well known works and seldom performed in modern times.

Hummel’s Mass in B flat (Opus 77) – Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus .

Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837) a rather neglected composer, perhaps being born eight years after Beethoven was an issue, but he produced many outstanding works. The Mass in B flat is a triumph in it’s alternative approach to the subject of a mass.